People Unlimited

 An energising rebrand for an ambitious next chapter.

When the next chapter of your business feels different from the previous one, it pays to dig deep into what you stand for and do differently – to throw out the shackles of the current conventions that make everyone look and sound the same.

Strategy: Uncover commonalities between the old and new target audiences that would shape the new offer. By identifying a human truth that unites internal and external audiences, we inspired an ambitious brand positioning and instilled confidence that the products and services would meet a need in other sectors. As a result, People Unlimited is re-energised with a newly articulated mission to transform how the world feels about mental health.

Creative: People-focused, direct, dynamic and different. The new brand needed to be business-focused (this is no charity) yet thoroughly human, reflecting their beliefs and how they operate. The crowded and copycat market meant the solution had to be distinctive. The new brand language is built on layers of meaning, and the colourful, unique design provides an elegant standout.

The Smuggle: We know the process is as crucial as the strategy, so we flexed how we work to suit the client’s style. Digging deep into the founder’s values, personalities, attitudes and work to create a brand positioning and identity that fits perfectly. We were all surprised when previous dislikes and no-go areas became the fitting answer.

Deliverables: Brand positioning and identity, website, business cards and digital assets for beta launch.

Working with The Smugglers is an energising experience. As a first time founder I was struggling to articulate or even understand exactly why my company was so different - I just knew it was. Working with Ross and Emma allowed me to download years of ideas, energy and aspiration for the future, and rebuild our company brand as a reflection of where we are now and where we are going. Ross and Emma are an incredible complementary team, able to not only build trust fast, but to reward that trust with challenge, ideas and innovation, beyond my experience of any other marketing agency. I was confident I would love the new position for my company, I hadn’t expected to reach the end of their process and realise that what we created, was not their reflection on my vision, but my vision, finally articulated to the world.

Robin Barker

CEO, People Unlimited