About us

We deliver a creative advantage.

By making strategically on point and beautifully executed branding, advertising and customer experiences.

Blending strategy and creative for highly accurate work. Work that surprises and makes sense at the same time, all without a trip round the houses.

It is quite simple: I really enjoyed working with you! Fast, creative, with a lot of understanding for the situation I was in. And then the rapid, uncomplicated additions when the media team changed their minds. A really very good experience! Nothing to complain about at all!

Rainer Brock

Head of Content and Platform, Kaspersky

What we do

We’re an experienced pair of skilful thinkers and makers who are passionate about creative ideas that solve complex or undefined marketing problems. By combining strategic and creative thinking, we get to solutions fast and accurately. And as ideas are only as good as the execution is, production is given the same craft and care as the upfront thinking.

Why we exist

We got fed up seeing the thinking pulled apart from execution. Why? Because clients miss out on creative ideas that work. In a world of abundance, more isn’t always better. We’re two people who love the art and science of creative ideas that deliver commercially.

Let us introduce ourselves - at its heart, the Smugglers is Emma – a strategic thinker and writer. And Ross, a creative thinker and designer. So we've got logical, lateral and practical thinking covered and project management to boot. You see, the fewer people involved, the faster and more accurate the work.

That’s good for the work. And great for the experience - while we’re serious about your results, we promise to make getting there enjoyable.

I'm buzzing about the potential after seeing the presentation yesterday, very excited for clients to see it too. Here’s an incentive… if we hit target , I’ll get a tattoo of the new logo!

Alex Oakley

MD, Malton Inflight

I would highly recommend The Smugglers as an agile, strategic and, of course, creative force to work with. Looking forward to more ideas.

Martin Troughton

Marketing Director, Safestyle PLC

Our experience

We honed our skills working in creative agencies, big and small – places like Ogilvy, Founded and Saatchis. We've worked on brand strategy, branding, advertising, customer experience and sales promotion. We go deep into every project and have never found a business or offer that hasn’t excited us. Or a company that doesn't have that something special.

No matter how complex, we'll untangle what energises your audience. No matter how deeply buried, we'll find the heart of your best story. And tell it in its finest form. And no matter how complex the process, we’ll make sure the right ideas are smuggled out and into people’s hearts and minds.

We've got buckets of experience between us, and that makes the whole process feel easy. Our back-catalogue and toolbox are full of inspiration, know-how and examples.