Advanced hacks make for enthralling stories but are hard to use for a brand that won’t sell on fear. Some clever thinking helped us turn compelling stories into product benefits.

Strategy: Attract a younger audience by blending their interests with an invitation to join the community shifting the balance to the good guys. Using stories they watch to introduce a product many don’t think they personally need. 

Creative: Hackers:Hate when we join forces against them acts as a call to action that edits existing footage into a new story. Featuring Kaspersky researchers puts a human face on the brand while demonstrating the expertise and dedication behind Kaspersky internet security. 

The Smuggle: Turning editorial content into mid-funnel ads, recycling and reusing existing assets and solving a headache for the brand, content, digital and product teams.

It is quite simple: I really enjoyed working with you! Fast, creative, with a lot of understanding for the situation I was in. And then the rapid, uncomplicated additions when the media team changed their minds. A really very good experience! Nothing to complain about at all!

Rainer Brock

Head of Content and Platform, Kaspersky