CP Lime

A purpose, refreshed website, product ads and more, all designed to convince a broader, and sceptical audience, to try something new. The upshot - expanding sales and an energised business.

Strategy: Cracking the brand advantage was the key to unlocking an integrated marketing that is bigger, benefit-led and sets CP Lime apart. They're now on a grand mission to Build A Healthier World From The Ground Up. The company has transformed from inventors to crusaders, backed by their slinky sidekicks.

Creative: A new look and feel was designed to stand out in the trade press and sites, illustration help break the industry conventions. Extending to their website, packaging, explainer videos, and events provided a consistent brand and hardworking, benefit-led product ads drove sales interest.

The Smuggle: Successful brands have a strong core; they know why they exist and why people care. This often comes from the passion of the people, who are often too close to see clearly. The new positioning was surprising and felt exactly right at the same time.

I don’t know how we didn’t see it before. It felt so right; we started using the line in press releases the very next day.

Scott Pascoe

CEO, CP Lime Solutions