Mackerye Partners do things differently. They needed a brand ID for launch that matched their forward-thinking passion.

Strategy: Get them up and running fast, with launch-ready, minimal viable branding – a brand promise and identity. We created a new look for this new breed of investors that back those who don’t take the well-trodden path.

Creative: Fuelling Passion defined and energised the team, capturing their drive, philosophy and point of difference. Clean colours, dynamic movement and a simple, sharp logo reflected the new firm's essence – a determined forward momentum.

The Smuggle: Quality, at speed. A brand new business needs a brand presence from day one. What they don’t need is for that to take months. There isn’t the time or money to sweat it – yet a first step into the world is significant one.

They understood me and my new business perfectly.

Chris Meyer

CEO, Mackerye Partners